Personal Fitness Training With Guaranteed results

Are you looking to lose inches, tone up and sculpture your body?

If so, contact Andy right away for quality fitness training in the Rugby area.

There are several advantages of Personal Training over joining a gym:

  • It fits in with your lifestyle and we can train at your home or other convenient location
  • Faster results
  • Work from your own starting fitness level - no need to worry about keeping up or feeling self concious
  • Client centred - programmes designed for you to help you achieve your goals
  • Good value - every session counts

'Try before you buy' - FREE no obligation consultation and postural assessment.



Mobile Personal Training

Nutrition and weight management

Body shaping and toning

Sports specific training

TRX suspension training

Core conditioning

Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise

GP referral

Physical Activity and Lifestyle Strategies for Managing Low Back Pain

1p from every £1 received goes to Help For Heroes  


“We signed up to train with Andy so we could be slimmer for Xmas break.

My only goal was to lose a few inches – which I did achieve.  Andy is encouraging without shouting! If I ever commented on hating an exercise Andy would ensure that it was included the following week…Andy wants to make sure that you are always working hard so you get the results that you are after. I am now a lot stronger (without having huge muscles!) and quite a bit fitter. Exercises that were impossible in the first few weeks became easier as I got stronger. Andy also provided some helpful and easy to understand nutritional advice and some great recipes and healthy snacking options. I would recommend Andy to anyone that wants to get fitter and lose some inches.”

Kaajal Patel. December 2012 


I have been training with Andy for several weeks now and I’m amazed at how quickly I have seen results.  Andy makes the exercise varied and, the thing that surprised me, enjoyable! I have lost inches from my waist and my whole body is beginning to tone up. I have also discovered that I like boxing! Definitely recommended.

 Liesl Harrison. September 2012  


 "Andy, is a knowledgeable personal trainer who is passionate about his work and helping you get results. He is flexible with his bookings and works around my availability and has a great attitude to helping you achieve your goals.

 I have just booked my third batch of 10 session recently and have been building and improving in all areas we have been tracking. He regularly evolves the training plan to maximize each session and provides the support required to make sure push yourself during each session. 

I would highly recommend Andy as a personal trainer, and would definitely suggest those interested take up the option for a free first session to get feel for Andy as a personal trainer and a potential work out plan."

 Sam Hussain. May 2013

I've had lots of personal trainers, most of whom I have driven to despair,
one emigrated on me and another changed careers. Andy however is different,
he tailors each session to your needs, he listens to you and tweaks things
based on your feedback. He has a great depth of knowledge in the field and
is all in all an excellent PT.  One word of caution though, don't let his
niceness fool you, he can be evil and he is rubbish at counting reps.

Daren Fox. June 2014

I was extremely nervous about contacting Andy as being a lady of 50+ I
assumed he would be hesitant to take me on board, and I didn't even know if
he would be able to help!

However, it soon became clear after a full assessment that I had quite an
issue with stiffness in the upper body, following years of being slumped
over the pc at work. This caused quite a lot of pain on occasions, and many
sleepless nights. Andy soon got to work with a mixture of mobility and core
strengthening exercises, coupled with very clear directions with regard to
diet etc.

Andy has a very positive, cheerful and encouraging outlook which he manages
to pass on to clients, whilst helping them to achieve their personal goals,
and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Carla Turner. October 2015

Thanks for changing my life Andy, I never could have achieved the things I've done without your continued  effort and support (I know I pay you for it, but it helps that your a good un too!). My nips were bleeding and I couldn't walk for a couple of hours when I got home but I'm starting to be able to move again.... Good times and sorry for being a pussy toward the end! Luke :D

Luke Needham, after completing the Milton Keynes half marathon. March 2016

We signed up with Andy as a couple at the end of last year and this is the second session we are having with him. Andy is first rate and really professional. He works you hard but is realistic about capability and makes sure he stretches us each week. He tailors the programme to us and drives us hard. We totally agree with the comments about his demeanour. He is a lovely guy but is very tough when needed and won't accept any excuses! Overall we would not hesitate to recommend him.

Karen & Henry

May 2017